a. I am a U.S. Citizen or a Permanent Resident Immigrant Alien or a Non-Immigrant Alien with the capacity to remain indefinitely in North Carolina.

b. I will be a domiciliary (legal resident) in North Carolina by August 2017.

c. I am not in default on any previous federal or North Carolina student loan.

d. I will enroll as a full-time master’s degree student in school administration in the fall of 2017 carrying a full-time load during each semester of the regular academic year, with the intention of completing the degree in two continuous years of full-time enrollment.

e. I understand that, if selected, I will not be employed on a full-time basis during the time I am in receipt of a North Carolina Principal Fellows Scholarship Loan.

f. I understand that upon completion of the master’s degree in school administration, I must work at an approved site (a North Carolina public school or a school operated by the U.S. Government in North Carolina) as a full-time administrator (principal or assistant principal) for two (2) years for each year of funding (a total of four years) within six (6) years following completion of the master’s program in school administration or repay the loan in cash.

g. I understand that upon graduation the Principal Fellows Program is not responsible for placing me in a position of employment in North Carolina as a school administrator in order for me to satisfy the qualifications for service repayment of the scholarship loan.

h. I understand that if I am unable to secure an administrative position in a district convenient to my current location it may be necessary to relocate in order to fulfill the obligations of service required for recipients of a Principal Fellows Program scholarship loan.

i. I am willing to enter into a promissory note with the North Carolina Education Assistance Authority to practice at an approved site as a full-time school administrator in the State for two (2) years for each year of funding within six (6) years following completion of the master of school administration program, or repay in cash the amount received through the Principal Fellows Program plus interest at an annual rate of 10%. For example, should I enter cash repayment after receiving Principal Fellows Program funding and receive no forgiveness of principal through employment not eligible under this agreement, I must repay all principal and accrued interest within ten (10) years. Such maximum repayment will require 119 monthly payments of approximately $529.00 each and a final payment of approximately $165.00 for a total of over $63,000.00. I understand further that if I should fail to make payment, the North Carolina Education Assistance Authority will exercise all legal means against me to recover the debt owed to the State of North Carolina.

j. I have completed Section B, the Goals Statement (minimum of two pages) discussing my interest in school administration, my goals as an administrator, and how these goals relate to current issues in public education.

k. I have made my current school district or other employer aware of my candidacy; Section C is completed and submitted as part of the application.

l. I authorize the university(ies) to which I applied to provide the Principal Fellows Commission and the North Carolina Education Assistance Authority with my name, admission and enrollment status in connection with my application for the Principal Fellows Program. I understand that the release of my social security number is voluntary, and if given (I may decline by striking the words “social security number” and initialing the margin), may be used to verify information in this application and will be used in the record system of the North Carolina State Education Assistance Authority as an identifying number.

m. I certify that the information I have given in this application form is true, complete, and correct. I understand that false statements on this application shall be considered sufficient grounds for not being selected or for dismissal from the Principal Fellows Program. I understand my failure to provide complete, accurate, and truthful information on this application will be grounds to deny or withdraw my admission, or dismiss me after enrollment.

n. I understand that if it is later determined that I am not eligible for the scholarship/loan because I am ineligible, the funds will be withdrawn.